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Always somthing new...

Some brands pass away, are quickly forgotten and barely missed.  Others slip from our attention, but remain fondly remembered. A few return and are welcomed back into our lives as old friends. So it is with MG – MG is forging a new reputation in our modern world with cars loved by their new owners just as much as they always were in times past.
Most people remember MG as Britain’s best-loved sports car brand. Many recall that the TF was Britain’s best-selling roadster, with a wide appeal across both sexes and all ages. Many will acknowledge that with MG saloon range - ZR, ZS and ZT, MG brought great value, exciting and above all fun motoring to more drivers than any other sports car brand in the UK.

MG – An Inspirational Brand

MG has always inspired an unusual passion in people. Like other iconic British brands, MG defies normal behaviour patterns. MG drivers start their days with a smile on their faces. Even on Mondays! An MG car is a companion on a journey of excitement and enjoyment – where getting there is as much part of the experience as the destination itself. And at a time when so many elements of motoring seem to be conspiring against our pleasure, how great is it to have a car that feels like it was made to be driven?


Back in the Right Place

For MG, its ‘place’ is key to its personality, and to its identity. As part of SAIC, the brand has the backing and resources of a multi-billion dollar automotive giant and has a future that is more secure than at any time in its history. However, it is important for MG to recognise its heritage. That’s why the new face of MG will appear comfortably familiar, and is the reason why all new MGs are designed and engineeered at Longbridge in Birmingham.  Exciting new developments for MG will ensure it remains true to it's history whilst creating cars that appeal to the lifestyles and motoring needs of the 21st century.