Ring Zenon Bulbs

Car headlights are getting brighter and if your car is not equipped with the latest lighting it can sometimes be difficult to see. Now is the time to check your lights and consider upgrading your headlight bulbs with Ring Zenon high power bulbs.  Ring Zenon bulbs can increase your lighting performance by up to 130% meaning that you see things that you otherwise might have missed.  Pop in for a free lighting check and we'll give you a quote.  You'll be surprised how inexpensive it is to upgrade.




Farecla's history dates back to 1934 when Rod Hawkins started his business in North London. During the ensuing years, the company's activities have all related to the automotive trade and have included car repairs, the production of parts for major car manufacturers, the manufacture of car accessories such as seat covers, radiator blinds et, and car dealerships.

1952 was a key year in the company's history - this is when Rod Hawkins met George Fevrier, a Belgian chemist who had developed some unique formulations for compounds. A deal was subsequently concluded with Monsieur Fevrier for the exclusive world-wide rights and a range of products based on these formulations was developed for the Automotive trade. These were then marketed under the Farécla brand - Farécla being an amalgamation of French words meaning "shining" & "bright".

Today, In addition to continuing its on-going investment in research and development to create products of excellence for the automotive trade, the company is now also marketing products to meet the needs of the Marine-Industrial and consumer Car Care sectors.

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Carrus has been Guernsey distributor for Forté since 2005. Forté is a name that is well recognised in the worldwide motor industry but not so well known by the wider motoring community.  The results that can be achieved by using their products though are amazing and can save thousands of pounds in repair bills.


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Carrus has been the Wurth distributor for Guernsey since 2004.  Würth is a proud and active partner to the automotive repair and refinishing trade, window manufacturers and installers, carpenters, joiners, construction companies, metal fabrication specialists, engineers and kitchen and bedroom manufacturers.

With the quality, product range and support that Würth provides, it is no surprise that Würth is the world's number one supplier of assembly products and consumables.

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We have the full range of Autoglym products in stock in our retail shop.  You won't find better choice or better value anywhere in Guernsey.



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Protect your alloy wheels from unsightly kerbing damage.  Used now by hundreds of Guernsey motorists and fitted by trained fitters at Carrus you can choose from black or silver to blend in with your wheels or tyres or give your wheels some added style with one of our range of colours.  Click on the image for more information.  Voted Auto Express product of 2013 and tested by the Motor Industry Research Centre, Alloygators are a must.